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The high-availability work is also supported by EOSC Future, which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101017536

The RCauth Pilot ICA G1 CA issues certificates to end-entities based on a successful authentication to a Federated Identity Management System (FIMS) operated by an eligible Registration Authority – typically a FIMS Identity Provider (IdP) operated by an academic or research organisation. The certificates issued by the RCauth Pilot ICA G1 CA are valid for a period of at most 13 months, but may be as short as 1Ms.

The certificates for use in science, research, and innovation, specifically for the purpose of (cross-organisational) distributed resource access, solely in the context of academic and research and similar, not-commercially competitive, applications.
The RCauth Pilot ICA G1 certificates are primarily intended for the practitioners of scientific research that are supported enabled by or work in collaboration with the EC co-funded project on Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration AARC, and its successor, ancillary, collaborating, and affiliated projects, infrastructures, communities and endeavours, appropriately taking into account the global nature of research and collaboration.

Support for users and infrastructure service managers

The service provides PKIX certificates for end-users only through pre-validated credential management services (Master Portals or Token Translation Services). End-users cannot independently obtain certificates or delegtations from, but need to use a trusted request portal and credential repository. Those are usually provided for you by your research or e-Infrastructure.

Operational information