News as of 20 April, 2024

  • RCauth policy accepted by IGTF

RCauth Service Governance

The mission of is to enable publicly (co-)funded research collaboration for Research and e-Infrastructures based in Europe, by providing trustworthy PKI authentication and credential translation services to end-users, and trust services to relying parties, based on externally sourced federated identity management in its broadest sense, regardless of technology, nationality, or organisational affiliation.

The service recognises as Qualified Stakeholders those Research Infrastructures, user communities, and users that use credentials for their acceptable usage, and (generic) e-Infrastructures and others that rely on the credentials issued by to address (part of) the risk involved with providing service to qualified holders to credentials and that contribute in material or non-material ways to the continuity of the service (Qualified Relying Parties).

The governance structure shall consist of

  • a Governance Board of stakeholders comprising representatives for the stakeholders of the service that materially contribute to the sustenance of the service (funding organisations);
  • a Policy Management Authority (PMA), consisting of individual policy and identity experts from the stakeholder community, to which the Board entrusts an independent responsibility to manage the trust and operational policies (the joint coordination body of service providers, customers, and stakeholder community);
  • an Operational Management Team consisting of representatives of all partners that collective provide the service which, under the authority of the PMA, is responsible for the continued operational availability and operational compliance (the federated service provider coordination body).

The Governance Model describes the various board in more detail.

Governance Board

The Governance board consists of representatives from the materially contributing stakeholders, STFC for EUDAT, GEANT, and SURF (Nikhef). Its current membership is:

Tiziana Ferrari (
Licia Florio (GEANT)
David Groep (Nikhef on behalf of SURF)
Jens Jensen (STFC on behalf of EUDAT)

You can contact the Governance Board Secretariat at governance @

Policy Management Authority

The PMA consists of individual policy and identity experts from the stakeholder community. Its current membership is:

David Groep (Nikhef)
Jens Jensen (STFC)
Christos Kanellopoulos (GEANT)
David Kelsey (STFC)
Nicolas Liampotis (GRNET)
Hannah Short (CERN)
Marcus Hardt (KIT)

You can contact the PMA at pma @

Operational Management Team

The Operational Management consists of representatives the service partners. Its current membership is:

Kyriakos Gkinis (GRNET)
Jens Jensen (STFC)
Nicolas Liampotis (GRNET)
Mischa Sallé (Nikhef)

You can contact the Operations team ops-management @