News as of 15 July, 2020

  • RCauth policy accepted by IGTF

RCauth Pilot Certificate Policies and Practice Statements

Supporting documentation

Document revision history

Version 1.0.0, May 9th, 2016 (urn:oid:
Initial accredited version
issuing OID urn:oid:
Version 1.0.2, Jan 22nd, 2017 (urn:oid:
Updated description of USR generation, mapping the plus-sign to a hyphen-minus sign since the plus-sign is reserved in RFC2253
issuing OID urn:oid:

Documents for approved multi-site setup

Version 2 (4.04-20200710), March 2019, updated July 2020
Proposed policy for distributed RCauth operations structure (awating additional contributions from STFC RAL and GRNET)
tracked changes v4.04 with respect to v4.02
tracked changes v4.02 with respect to v1.02
tracked changes v4.01 with respect to v1.02